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Our Comprehensive Legal Services in Winnipeg

The authorities could charge you in a number of situations. When they charge you, they might not do so in the fairest and most understanding manner. Luckily, these charges do not automatically translate into a conviction. You can always get legal representation to defend yourself and try to prove innocence or put the crown to the burden of proving the case against you.

Saheel Zaman Law Corporation offers legal services in Winnipeg covering criminal charges of all types. Our lawyers will work with you every step of the way and provide you with the legal counsel you require.

If you need representation, call our criminal defence firm today. With experienced lawyers on your side, you will stand a good chance to beat your charges in court and get a favourable outcome in your case.

Legal Services We Offer

The lawyers at Saheel Zaman Law Corporation offer legal services in Winnipeg and work closely with you on matters of:

  • Robberies, thefts, and break-and-enters: Get efficient legal representation against charges of robbery, theft, or breaking and entering. Robbery involves person-to-person interaction while taking away something valuable with the use of force, intimidation or coercion. On the other hand, theft is either a summary or indictable felony, depending on the circumstances of the incident. Breaking and entering simply refers to illegally entering someone’s property.

  • Domestic and sexual assaults: While domestic abuse involves physical, emotional, and psychological abuse of one’s partner, sexual abuse involves offences that are sexual in nature and happen in the absence of consent. These allegations carry many stigmas and might affect your reputation, and hence, we offer timely legal solutions to help you with the best possible outcomes.

  • Drug offences: Charges under Canada’s Controlled Drugs and Substances Act involve cases of possession, use, and sales of any drug that is prohibited by law. We are well versed in all aspects of this law and can help you put up a good defence for yourself.

  • Computer offences: If you are facing charges of cybercrime, we can help you out. A computer offence could include anything from accessing to modification of data stored in a system. It could also involve a wide range of cybercrimes like hacking, piracy, or fraud. Our lawyers understand the legal nuances of technology-related offences and can efficiently protect your interests in the courts.

  • Youth offences, including thefts, drug possession, traffic offences, and more: When someone under the age of 18 commits offences in Canada, the Youth Criminal Justice Act comes into effect. We are well-versed with the act, and we can ensure that your cases are resolved at the earliest if you are facing charges as a juvenile. With timely legal interventions, we can help you keep your records clean.


Contact us today if you require reliable legal services in Winnipeg.

Get Legal Assistance in Manitoba

At Saheel Zaman Law Corporation, we have been providing strong advocacy services to our clients for 29 years. Our Winnipeg law firm offers its services throughout Manitoba and helps you get the legal protection you deserve. We are located on Broadway, just two blocks from the Law Courts Building. We are also available on call throughout the day.

Our entire firm of lawyers looks forward to working on your behalf and helping you get favourable legal outcomes, no matter how challenging a case you bring. We take pride in standing up for you during your time of need.

Initial Consultation for Free

At Saheel Zaman Law Corporation, your first consultation is free. You can schedule your appointment with us and talk to our lawyers about your legal needs in Winnipeg. Expect us to assess your unique requirements and suggest suitable legal options. You don't have to navigate the criminal justice system on your own when we are here to see you through.

Call our firm at 204-943-9922 or fill out our contact form to book your initial consultation. Feel free to ask for any additional information about our legal services.



Expect our lawyers to walk the extra mile in defending your criminal case.


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