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Qualified Domestic Assault Lawyers in Winnipeg

Being charged in domestic assault is emotionally disturbing and stressful. An accused person has bail restrictions and other challenges which can be a painful experience. If you have been charged with domestic violence, our criminal defence lawyers can help. At Saheel Zaman Law Corporation, we specialize in providing legal services to our clients. We represent your case in the court and help you understand legal procedures. Our strong legal advocacy will help you overcome your emotions and stress. Our domestic assault lawyers in Winnipeg are experienced in defending against criminal charges. 

Why Hire Us?

Saheel Zaman Law Corporation offers exceptional services in the field of criminal law. You can trust in our 28 years of expertise and significant knowledge in criminal offence cases. When working with our lawyers, you are free to discuss your case with other criminal lawyers from our firm. You can also reach out to us for cases including drug and driving offences. When hiring our domestic assault lawyers, rest assured of the following benefits:


  • We develop a strong defence

  • We represent your case in court

  • We help you get restraining orders

  • We keep you informed of mandatory legal procedures

  • We provide flexible financing arrangement options

  • We assist you in taking strategic decisions

  • We provide 24/7 legal services

  • We alleviate your concerns

Contact Us

In domestic assault cases, it can be difficult to protect your interest without any legal help. If you have any financial concerns, we can assist in funding your legal fees from Legal Aid Manitoba. We ensure maintaining the confidentiality of our clients; you need not worry about the data breach. Contact us today if you are looking for an experienced domestic assault lawyer in Winnipeg.


Frequently Asked Questions about Domestic Assaults

  1. What is Domestic Assault?

    Any abusive behaviour in your domestic setting or cohabitation falls under violence. You can file a complaint against the domestic assaulter to ensure your safety.

  2. Who are involved in Domestic Assaults?

    In domestic violence cases, mostly family and spouses are involved. Most of the domestic violence cases go unreported due to family pressure, fear and financial concerns.

  3. What are the types of domestic assaults?

 There are different types of domestic assaults a victim may experience including:
• Physical abuse
• Sexual assault
• Verbal or emotional abuse
• Intimidation and threats
• Isolation
• Harassment


        4. What to do when accused of domestic assault cases?
        If you are accused of criminal charges, reach out to an experienced lawyer who can defend your case. An attorney not only protects your rights but also helps you            throughout the case proceedings.

       5. What are the consequences of being convicted in domestic violence charges?
       If you are convicted in a domestic violence case, it will impact your person

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