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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Legal Services

I am worried I might be charged. What should I do?
Even before police involvement, you have the right to get legal advice. Please feel free to contact one of our lawyers for advice. You have the right to remain silent and do not have to answer questions about the offence by the police if you are a suspect in a criminal investigation. You also have the right to contact a lawyer at the police station. We can give you advice as to whether you should say or do anything. If you are charged, we can set up a very quick meeting to start preparing your defence and explaining the process and potential consequences.

Do I need a lawyer?
We would suggest that you get legal assistance. If you get convicted with a criminal offence, it could affect your ability to go into the United States. It could be a bar to employment or be the basis for termination of employment. In addition, it would preclude positions such as coaching and volunteering in certain fields. Furthermore, for some offences jail may result. Other consequences may include fines, driving prohibitions, etc. It would be wise to have one of our lawyers look at your case to explore possible options in an attempt to limit consequences or assist in contesting the matter.

How much does it cost?
Criminal cases are very complex and may take over a year to resolve. We will provide you a set fee once we get disclosure from the Crown Attorney. We require an initial retainer to engage our legal services and we would be happy to work with your financial situation so you have the ability to make monthly installments.

Do you accept Legal Aid work?
We are strong believers that every person needs legal representation irrespective of financial circumstances. If you cannot afford to pay a lawyer, we will assist in you completing the paperwork to send to Legal Aid Manitoba to determine if they will fund your legal fees.

If I retain a specific lawyer from the firm, will I have access to all lawyers in the firm?
If you have retained any of the lawyers in the firm, you will have access to all of our lawyers at no additional cost. The benefit to you is that you will have availability to someone even if you have an urgent matter and your specific lawyer is in trial.

Where are you located?
We are located at 1130-363 Broadway. We are approximately 2 blocks from the Law Courts Building and the Winnipeg Remand Centre and close to 373 Broadway. We can be in court on short notice if need be.

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