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Robbery & Theft Lawyer in Winnipeg

Robbery, theft and property offences of all types are serious crimes and require an experienced robbery lawyer in Winnipeg to ensure your rights are protected. Saheel Zaman Law Corporation will explain the charges you are facing and provide the legal representation you deserve. We believe that everyone has a right for strong legal protection and we are here to serve you during your time of need.

In this area of law, many factors will need to be taken into consideration, including the following:

  • Value of goods stolen – theft charges are classified as under $5000 and over $5000

  • Do you have an existing criminal record?

  • Was a concealed or prohibited firearm used in the crime?

Speak to a Robbery Lawyer in Winnipeg

Whether you are facing life imprisonment for robbery with a firearm, a break-and-enter charge of 25 years or a minor theft charge under $5000, you need legal representation. We encourage you to speak with a robbery lawyer at Saheel Zaman Law Corporation immediately after your arrest. The quicker you act, the more time a lawyer has to explain your options and prepare your case. Request a free initial consultation today.

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