Domestic & Sexual Assault Lawyer in Winnipeg

Domestic violence charges are serious offences and require legal representation from an experienced domestic assault lawyer in Winnipeg. Saheel Zaman Law Corporation will make sure your rights are protected and explore all legal options available to you. Our lawyers are experienced in all types of domestic abuse and assault charges, including the following:

  • Physical assault – includes various types of violence, including the use of a weapon
  • Sexual assault – includes harassment, exploitation, rape and other forms of sexual violence
  • Psychological assault – this can include threats, intimidation and other forms of emotional abuse

Many factors will be considered by the court when individuals are charged with these types of crimes. These may include:

  • Whether the assault was physical, sexual or psychological in nature
  • Severity of the violence and whether hospitalization or permanent injury occurred
  • Frequency of the assault and whether it was one time, occasionally or repeated

If you are looking for a domestic or sexual assault lawyer in Winnipeg, Saheel Zaman Law Corporation is here to provide the representation you need. We will make sure you fully understand the charges against you and provide legal guidance throughout the process. Schedule your free initial consultation.

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