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How lawyers can help you when you’re charged with theft or robbery

When you’ve been legally accused of theft or robbery, you may mistakenly assume it’s no big deal, especially if the infraction was relatively small. However, a criminal record is a lifelong liability that can impact your career prospects, your capacity to travel internationally, and your reputation in the community.

Furthermore, sentencing for robbery can include incarceration for up to life. It’s important to get qualified legal representation – the sooner the better. Every lawyer at our Winnipeg firm is qualified to help you acquire the best possible verdict. We have over 25 years of experience and have handled over thousands of cases. The knowledge and experience of our criminal lawyers in Winnipeg can guide you through the forthcoming proceedings and help you achieve optimum results. What does the Criminal Code of Canada say about theft? Every robbery is categorized as being either a theft under $5,000 or a theft over $5,000. Depending upon which category your alleged infraction falls under, the way the Crown advances will differ. In the latter case, the penalties in the event you are convicted are more severe. But even the former category of theft can lead to imprisonment. Complications to basic theft charges There are times when additional charges are tacked on to the accusation of theft. For example, in the case of price tag switching (a form of shoplifting), charges of fraud can be laid and sometimes a “possession of stolen property” charge can also be laid. It should also be noted that thefts against an employer are seen as far more severe as they’re perceived to include a breach of trust. Any of these scenarios complicate matters and professional legal advice becomes even more critical. Ways our lawyers can help The first thing we’ll determine is if there is a valid case against you. If there’s insufficient evidence or your basic constitutional Charter rights were violated, we may be able to advocate that the charges be dismissed. There are other possible defences and strategies we can use, depending on your particular circumstances. An in-depth interview with you will help us determine which legal approach will work best for your case. Diversion (a way to avoid criminal charges) If you happen to be a first time offender with no prior convictions and the theft was a minor one, our legal team can assist in trying to get you into a diversion program. Often, these involve community service or some other means of making up for the crime. Once the program has been completed, the Crown Attorney will withdraw the criminal charges, leaving you free of the stigma and inconvenience of having a criminal record. Take immediate action Never hesitate to get legal counsel. The sooner you do, the better your chances are of obtaining the desired result. Saheel Zaman Law Corporation’s team of Winnipeg lawyers are on standby and happy to help. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.


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