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Sexual Assault Lawyer Winnipeg: Facts You Need to Know If You Have Been Charged With Sexual Assault

Sexual assault charges may get issued without you even knowing that you did something wrong or illegal. While every case is different, each is taken very seriously by a court of law. Have you been charged with sexual assault and found yourself searching the web for keywords "sexual assault lawyer in Winnipeg?" The next few steps you take are very important- and these are the facts you need to know before going any further.

Sexual Assault

Sexual assault is defined as any type of sexual contact without the other person's consent (s). In addition to unwarranted contact or sexual advances, any sexual conduct with a minor (someone too young to consent) is considered assault. It is illegal to give sexual advances to another person without their consent. Sexual activity of any kind should always be consensual.

What to Do if You Get Charged With Sexual Assault?

Once you have received the charges against you, there are a few dos and don'ts to follow to protect yourself from any further issues:

  • Do not contact the complainant

  • Do not go near the complainant's home or place of work

  • Do not talk about your case on social media

  • Contact an attorney

  • Organize your case, witnesses, and evidence

If you are released by the police your case may happen within a few weeks, or you may have to wait several months to go to court. Either way, contact an attorney to assist you and give you legal advice every step of the way.

How Do You Get a Sexual Assault Charge Dropped?

Being accused of a crime like sexual assault is serious and can affect your life and future. You may be wondering whether it is possible to have the charges dropped. The Crown will assess their case to determine if there is a reasonable likelihood of a conviction.

What Are Your Rights?

If you get accused of sexual assault, you have rights, just like everyone else. Your rights:

  • To fight or contest the charges

  • Have a fair trial

  • Obtain an attorney or have one offered to you if you can not afford one

  • Be made clearly aware of the charges against you

  • Bring witnesses and evidence

You can choose to exercise these rights and express if they have been breached.

Hiring a Sexual Assault Lawyer in Winnipeg

Going into a sexual assault case without a lawyer is not recommended. A sexual assault lawyer will defend you in a court case where the accuser or victim must prove the following things:

  • Positively identify you as the person who committed the assault

  • Prove that there was no consent given

  • Prove that the event happened (date, location)

Depending on the case, either a judge or jury will decide the outcome. With the help of an attorney, you may win your case or have the charges reduced or dropped.

Take the Next Step

This time in your life can be overwhelming, but you will get through it if you take one day at a time. Don't go through it alone- hire the best representation that you can find. Looking for a sexual assault lawyer in Winnipeg that will ensure your rights get protected and that you have legal representation for a fair trial? Email Saheel Zaman Law to discuss your case.


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